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Origen is designed and built with cutting edge technologies for high availability, maximum security and absolute privacy. We care and protect customers' data as if it were ours.

Industrial Design:

  • Origen is designed and built on a J2EE / SQL layered structure that can grow in the smallest unit as demand increases and it employs industrial grade routing and messaging algorithm that provides high reliability, efficient performance and strong security.

  • Open Architecture:

  • Origen is a set of integrated web services and software utilities that are based on open technologies and standard protocols. Such approach allows for seamless integration with a variety of clients' in-house applications that using web services standards.

  • Unsurpassed Security:

  • Physical security - servers and data are kept in a professional managed data centre where access is limited to authorized personnel only.

  • Reliability - redundant network and server components to ensure maximum uptime, daily data back-ups.

  • Scalability- we monitor network, system performance proactively and upgrade capacity to meet usage requirements.

  • Data security - when it comes to data security and privacy, we don't compromise. Accessing production servers is limited to authorized personnel for necessary system maintenance, monitoring and backup.

  • User authentication - a valid username and password are required to access data and applications.

  • Login reminder - after login the system reminds users of last login time and date to detect unauthorized access.

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