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Origen is a professionally hosted web-based email & collaboration solution for enterprises. Following are the key ones available to date in an all-in-one environment and more useful features, updates & enhancements will follow soon.



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  • At-a-glance view of the daily essentials
  • Summary of new email, calendar events & invitations, tasks, memos & discussions
  • Email & Files disk storage utilization
  • Email anti virus & synchronization status
  • Last login date and IP address display to detect unwanted intrusion
  • Self Service Administration

  • Integrated within the standard web interface
  • Create, modify and delete user accounts
  • Create groups of users
  • Copy / forward selected users' incoming / outgoing emails to designated accounts
  • Task delegation, user privilege control
  • Disk storage allocation
  • SOAP based Web Services API (e.g. user creation)
  • Specify which applications users may access
  • Monitor users disk storage usage & last login date
  • Business Email

  • Full featured email account for
  • Web interface with easy access to common features
  • All email is stored centrally for 24x7 access
  • Support web access, IMAP & POP3
  • Select sender address when composing email
  • Copy / forward selected users' incoming / outgoing emails to designated accounts
  • Create and view HTML formatted messages
  • Integrated with Contacts Manager
  • Addresses auto-completion suggestion as you type
  • One click quick add email addresses (From, To, CC) to your personal contacts
  • Quick and fast search
  • Auto-responder
  • Option to forward mail to another account
  • Centrally managed storage quotas
  • Storage quota exceeded notifications
  • Organize email in custom folders
  • Customizable salutation / signatures
  • Large and multiple file attachments
  • Attach files directly from online Files
  • Email files as links instead of attachments (to bypass restrictions on size limit)
  • Advance "point and click" spell checker
  • All incoming emails are protected by industrial-level Anti-virus & Anti-spam software
  • Spaces

  • Files / folders sharing among guests (internal & external parties) via email
  • Multi-directional exchanging of files & folders
  • Sharing of calendars events view with journals among guests
  • Forum discussion among guests
  • A space owner determines which modules (Files, Calendars & Forums) to be included in
       each space
  • Permission-based sharing with predetermined expiring date & login password
  • Detail reports on who has done what & when ?like access time, actions (deleted, uploaded,
       modified, created, moved, etc.) taken
  • Access to spaces in anywhere with Internet access
  • No registration is required for guests to access spaces
  • Shared Files/Photo Albums

  • Interrupt-safe upload / download files from or to PC (In case of connection failure, transfer
       continues from where it left off)
  • Unlimited upload file sizes
  • Bi-directional sharing of files to anyone with an email account, accompany by detail action
       logs on who has done what and when
  • Thumbnail image view
  • Organize files within folders
  • Attached files from online Files area directly to email
  • Email files as links instead of attachments (to bypass restrictions on size limit)
  • Drag & drop folders from PCs to online storage with Web Folders
  • Centrally managed storage quota
  • Centralized departmental / group folders
  • Web Folders / WebDav

  • Drag & drop folders (not just files) from your PCs to online storage area
  • No installation required, built-in client with MS Office or Internet Explorer
  • Single (drag & drop) action for offsite files backup and sharing with designated parties
  • Multiple Calendars

  • Share & delegate user's calendar
  • One click subscription of calendars
  • Merge multiple calendars into a single view
  • Group events by calendars view
  • Private or public events management
  • Personalized time zones and hours of display
  • Email event reminder
  • Configurable date and time format
  • Event attachment directly from online Files area
  • Full integration with Contacts for event invitations
  • Advance recurring events engine
  • View schedule by day, week, month and year modes
  • Synchronization with PCs, PDAs & smartphones that support SyncML standard
  • Group Tasks

  • Group multiple stand alone tasks as a project whenever it is needed
  • Divide a project into multiple tasks and assign them to multiple parties
  • Assign task and invite participants with selected roles
  • Create discusssion topics on specific tasks for selected users
  • Global replacement of project participants
  • View tasks & its sub tasks in project / hierarchy format
  • View tasks log - creation, assignment, change of ownership, status/ progress
  • Track tasks by assignees, due dates, priorities, completion status
  • Attach files from online Files area directly to tasks
  • Set due date email alerts
  • Integrated within Home for at-a-glance view of the daily essentials
  • Corporate Memos

  • Attach files from online area directly to memos
  • Full integration with Contacts for sharing memos
  • Fields sorting by sender, date and subject
  • Integrated view for private, shared & received memos
  • Capable for designated users or corporate wide announcements
  • Full report on shared memos with details like who has read and when
  • Corporate Forums

  • Full integration with Contacts for easy discussion invitation
  • Private or public discussion at the option of forum / topic owner
  • Attach files to messages directly from Files area
  • Organize messages within topics and topics within forums
  • Shared Contacts

  • Integrated view for private contacts & shared contacts
  • Designated contacts and distribution lists as private or shared
  • Shared user / staff directory
  • Fully integrated with the mail and calendar areas
  • Import / export data from CSV file format
  • Supports multiple email addresses
  • Company name auto-completion in contact form
  • Exports vCard
  • Synchronization with PCs, PDAs & smartphones that support SyncML standard

  • Web To SMS

  • (To be released in Q1, 2009)
  • SyncML Server

  • Synchronize contacts & calendar events with PCs, PDAs & smartphones that support
       SyncML standard - most modern mobile devices of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens,
       Samsung, Palm, etc. are SyncML enabled
  • User defined contacts synchronization preference - my contacts, shared contacts or users
  • User defined calendar(s) synchronization preference - single or multiple calendars
  • Detail synchronization log of device, last sync date & IP, items added, updated, deleted & rejected
  • Security

  • All account is password protected for privacy and security
  • SSL encryption - strong 128 bit data security
  • Access to site is by administrator permission only
  • Sessions auto logout after predetermined inactivity time
  • Web log of last login time and IP address to detect unauthorized access
  • Round the clock enterprise virus and spam filtering
  • 24 x 7 proactive monitoring of network attacks with sophisticated software tools
  • Redundant network and server components to ensure maximum uptime
  • User data is mirrored & backup daily
  • Access to backup and production servers is limited to system administrators only for
       maximum security control
  • Multi level secure data center manned by professional on a 24 x 7, with CCTV and motion
       detectors control, n+ 1 UPS, diesel generator, etc
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